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The Most Fun in Austin

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Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013 recap.

By Courtney Bell

With a cold front on the horizon, the cool breeze brought fresh tunes and the most diverse fun Auditorium Shores has ever seen for Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013. From every kind of music genre, professional and amateur skateboard and BMX competitions, to taco cannons, comedy from some of the greats, luscious lady wrestling and a never-ending supply of Shiner, this was an exciting weekend not to be missed.

The sun was shining and there was plenty of enjoyment to be had. In the lulls between musical sets, which didn’t happen often, the people of Transmission Events made sure there were activities to take part in, such as games, massage, art and eating kimchi fries from Chi’lantro. The comfortable beanbag chairs around each tree created a casual, lounge-type feel to relax for some of the best people watching ever.

Photo Credit: Chad Wadsworth

Spray paint and paint cans littered the ground at the base of impromptu art canvases where passersby could get their creative juices flowing.

Photo Credit: Chad Wadsworth

Professional, amateur and local daredevils on two wheels competed against each other throughout the weekend. There were also free rides, and anyone with a board or bike could take a crack at one of the two courses set up.

Photo Credit: Ashley Garmon

Snoop ended Friday night with the ultimate dance party. Everyone was at the Orange Stage to sing along with classics and new hits. Snoop ended with a sentimental shout-out to Austin, “Anytime y’all invite me, I’ll come through. I love this city!”

Photo Credit: Dave Mead

The comedic singing duo, Tenacious D, rocked Saturday night. Throughout the weekend, Jack Black could be spotted among the little people, enjoying the sights and eating oversized roasted turkey legs.

Photo Credit: Chad Wadsworth

Another flashback to ’90s hip-hop, Jurassic 5 hit the stage Sunday night. With the crowds excited for the reunion seven years after their last album release, the four emcees brought insane amounts of energy.

Photo Credit: Ashley Garmon

Possibly the most anticipated act of the weekend, Slayer took no prisoners Sunday night. From mosh pits to unadulterated chaos, there is one goal for this band: whiplash.



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