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The Austin Underground Music Scene Raises the Bar

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Equal Axis was an equal-access party for everyone attending.

By Raylyn Nicole, Photos by Julian Bajsel / Red Bull Content Pool

Underground parties are portrayed in books and movies as events for cool people. The glitter, drinks, dancing and fun seem to be reserved for those who have a certain look, status or money. Red Bull Music Presents: Equal Axis was not one of those parties.

An interactive art installation by Suzanne Wyss

“The turnout and the excitement by each individual person there exceeded what I could’ve ever imagined,” Thank You For Sweating Founder Charles Mxxn says. “The execution of everything, sound, lighting, visuals and performers all came together seamlessly. No one left that party without being on a high from excitement.”

“All humans [were]feeling great, sexy and confident in their own skin no matter what that choice was,” Mxxn says. “I think it’s so important to be comfortable with yourself and however you wish to project that. It’s even more special to be a part of an event where this mantra is celebrated and clearly the mentality of everyone in attendance.”

“Seeing people react to all the installations, the music, the production as a whole, people, including the performers, telling me they’ve never seen anything like this in Austin,” Unbounded Founder Anita Obasi says, trying to pinpoint her favorite part of the party. “Maya Jane Coles’ set and talking to her about her involvement in He.She.They, an event in London that has a very similar ethos, and security telling me we hit capacity. There are way too many favorite parts to pick just one.”

“I had never seen or been in an environment so extravagant,” Belladonna, a drag queen performer at the event, says. “It was truly like stepping into another dimension. The artists that took part in the installations had a definite vision that they brought to life, and it was pure magic to witness.”

“I have never seen something quite like Equal Axis in Austin, and I’ve lived here all my life,” Belladonna says. “I’m so grateful to have been a part of it and I feel like it’s definitely set the bar for nightlife in the city.”


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