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The Dapper Hat Guide

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Avoid a brain freeze with these quintessential winter hats.

Written and styled by Jacqui Devaney; Photo by Rudy Arocha

It’s best to avoid falling in to the habit of overdoing sweatpants and dull, lifeless neutral colors in your winter wardrobe. And the easiest way to update a look is by using your head. The long-brimmed fedoras with interchangeable, flashy feathers can mesh with a pressed wool suit during the day and juxtapose a leather biker jacket and jeans at night.

The colors, from Bordeaux to 50 shades of gray, add warmth to the icy evening. Bruno Mars gave a nod to the short-brimmed fedora (Rag & Bone, back right) and provides examples for how to integrate the headwear in to everyday wear by pairing it with patterned T-shirts, a slim tux or cozy flannel button-ups.

Feeling retrospective? Toss on the jet-black bowler, or derby hat. Wearing it with a tuxedo might feel a little too costume-y for the faint at heart, but it pairs with button-ups and slim slacks. Even if you don’t work on Madison Avenue, you can still transmit that dashing-as-Don-Draper ambience at the drop of a hat.



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