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Attention: All Aboard the Americana Express

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Oct. 24, the Railroad Revival Tour makes a stop in Old Town Spring, TX, to remind listeners what this country was made from.

Story By: Ayanna Estelle

The Railroad Revival Tour sets out to do exactly what the name says. The lineup of bands hops aboard vintage railcars and travels to eight stops throughout the country to play music. The fifth stop will be in Old Town Springs, TX, a quaint little town outside of Houston.

Why travel so far for one night of music? Imagine this: The loud whistle is blown and eventually the train comes to a complete stop. The doors slide open and out walk Willie Nelson and Family, a Band of Horses, followed by Jamey Johnson and John Reilly and Friends. They walk a few feet out onto a stage set on an expansive field, plug in their instruments and play. No stadium seating, no messy tour bus, just you, the bands and the outdoors. Leave your problems back at home, along with your modern ideals; they are not welcome here. This is Americana in its truest form.

Not only can railroads be revived during the tour, but so can old towns. Travel to Old Town Spring to spend a weekend exploring American roots. In this small town, you can find hundreds of antique shops, specialty stores, restaurants and art galleries. Visit the Civil War Museum and jump back in time by viewing real Civil War artifacts. All of it adds to this once-in-a-lifetime experience.








Railroad Revival Tour
Oct. 24


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