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’Tis the Season

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To be audacious.

By Roy Spence

72-royHi, Austin tribe, and yes, indeed, it is the season. For some, it is football season, hunting season, vacation season, baking season, ski season—in the mountains, of course. (But the last time I counted, I am positive that there are more Texans in Colorado during ski season than Coloradans, if that is what they call themselves.) And of course, it’s Christmas and the holiday season. This is a time to heal, laugh, dance, cast away stones, sew and love.

This is a time for peace, a season to dream, discover, explore and be extra kind to everyone you meet because, in this season, like all others, everyone is fighting some kind of battle. This is the season and time to give a little bit more, care a little bit more, share a little bit more, breathe a little bit more, hug a little bit more, smile a little bit more, sing a little bit more and be a little bit more happy and fun loving.

It is also the only season of the year when everyone, no matter how reserved one is naturally, has the “permission” to be just a bit more audacious, permission to walk on the wild side of joy and delight. Yes, this is the season when there is a permanent green light for everyone to turn it on and light it up, to light up your family, friends, neighbors and community. And in the process of lighting up the lives of others, you will light yourself up.

OK, I am bit over the edge on this part of the season. I go to East First Street and buy Santa piñatas. I take down the convertible on my car, no matter how cold it is, and I drive around with these Santa, snowman and elf piñatas seat belted in. (Safety first!) When my precious black lab, Miss Ellie, was with us, she rode shotgun. I play Christmas music full tilt to the total embarrassment of my kids (especially when they were in high school) and the total delight of everyone else.

People honk and break into huge smiles and take pictures. And in that time, if just for a moment, pure joy and delight is experienced and shared. I am also the Clark Griswold of my neighborhood. Really. There is not an inch of my backyard that is not a Christmas wonderland for the kid in all of us during this season. So it is true that to everything, there is a season. This just might be the one when you are called to step on out there and be just a bit more audacious in the pursuit of pure joy and delight. Happy holidays and hugs!


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