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Tacos Are Out; Biscuits Are In

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Much anticipated Bird Bird Biscuit opens in East Austin. 

By Meagan Leahy, Photos courtesy of Resplendent Hospitality 

In a city bursting with breakfast tacos, two Austinites are offering a substitute to Austin’s most popular breakfast food. Brian Batch and Ryan McElroy opened Bird Bird Biscuit this summer to offer the city a welcoming space to gather and a whole lot of delicious biscuits.

The two chefs were working together long before Bird Bird Biscuit opened its doors. As the owners and operators of the local and beloved Thunderbird Coffee, they learned invaluable lessons and honed their management skills, which led to the success of their new biscuit venture. Their time in the coffee-shop industry transformed their dreams of opening a breakfast shop into a carefully crafted vision that is now reflected in the East Austin biscuit-sandwich shop.

At the inception of the dream, Batch and McElroy knew they wanted to add something unique to the community while keeping things simple and focused. They traveled to different cities throughout the country for inspiration, where they discovered their passion for breakfast and lunch.

“We kept our mantra of focus and went one step further by evolving into a biscuit-sandwich shop,” Batch says. “We wanted to provide an alternative to the breakfast taco that could be something fun and exciting for Austin.”

Their mantra of simplicity and focus guided their and space. The menu boasts four deliciously simple biscuit sandwiches and three side items, including biscuit doughnut holes called Dough-Doughs. The space, located on Manor Road, is simple yet funky, with white walls, wooden tables, yellow chairs and a geometric and egg pattern on one wall.

But Bird Bird Biscuit is more than just a breakfast shop to the two entrepreneurs. McElroy sees Bird Bird Biscuit as having a life of its own.

“We work here, but BBB is very much its own entity in the world, out there delighting people with yummy biscuit sandwiches,” he says.

Both entrepreneurs have a strong passion for cooking for others and want to use that as a tool to bring people closer together. The simplicity and focus with which Bird Bird Biscuit was created is an intentional restraint to allow for abundant excellence in customer service, as well as in the sandwiches.

“We want it to be about much more than the food. I feel that the restaurant is simply an avenue to bring people closer together through the collective experience of delicious biscuit sandwiches,” Batch says.

With that same mission, they have intentionally built a company culture of happy employees, having learned from Thunderbird Coffee how to hire the right people for the job.

The name Bird Bird Biscuit pays homage to each element of the business, with the “bird” representing the chicken and the egg, and the “biscuit” speaking for itself. It’s also a nudge to Thunderbird Coffee, which allowed the dream for Bird Bird Biscuit to come to fruition. It is the perfect funky fit to the shop.

When asked about their favorite item on the menu, the two Austinites gave differing answers. McElroy’s favorite is The Queen Beak, which includes spiced fried chicken and a bacon chipotle mayo with black-pepper honey. Batch chose the Dough-Doughs, raving that each fried biscuit doughnut hole tossed in cinnamon, sugar and salt is “a little nugget of pure ecstasy.”

Bird Bird Biscuit is open Tuesday through Sunday for breakfast and lunch, 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.


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