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Seaholm Tribute to Pink Floyd

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Last Saturday night was definitely one I’ll remember. There’s no doubt the Seaholm Power Plant has been a unique venue for many events in recent years; and with its doors closing soon, this final bash was definitely a fitting bon voyage – with giant inflatable pig flying over smokestacks and all!

Instead of just one solo cover band the evening consisted of an all-star group of Pink Floyd tribute bands. These guys didn’t hold anything back; between the laser light show, surround sound chopper effects and the some of Austin’s best trailer park treats, I really couldn’t have asked for more. I had my Kebabalicious in one hand and my hard pink lemonade in the other – I was set.

I was also delighted to see that just as the original band used a school choir for their classic rock song, Another Brick in the Wall,  there was also an cameo of 5-6 very rockin’ children (with backpacks and books) to assist with the “we don’t need no eduction” chorus.

The evening benefited Anthropos Arts, an Austin-based nonprofit organization that work primarily in the East Austin community to bring top professional musicians into low-income schools to offer free music lessons, workshops and performance opportunities to students giving them an outlet and pathway to scholarships and a brighter future.


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