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Grooming Go-Tos

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Essential products for a well-groomed life.

The problem: Dull shoes

The solution: As part of a line that assists men with wardrobe malfunctions, these handy Shoe Shine Wipes are great for stashing at the office or in carry-on luggage. Other products in the Decent Man’s Grooming Tools line include deodorant wipes, non-sewing kits and pit protectors. ($5.69,

The problem: Sun exposure

The solution: Keep your skin strong with Murad Man’s Face Defense. It includes ingredients to keep your skin sun-safe, moisturized and shine-free. ($33, Ulta)

The problem: Irritation; skin hangovers

The solution: The Instant Skin Booster by Lab Series is a quick fix for redness and puffy skin. ($33, Nordstrom)

The problem: Hair build-up

The solution: Clean Brew, just like the name implies, contains malt, brewer’s yeast and orange zest for a squeaky-clean and nourished head of hair. ($12, salons)

The problem: Razor burn; irritated skin

The solution: This cooling Shave Toner from Weleda calms shaving wounds and soothes the skin. ($23, Whole Foods)

The problem: Dirty skin

The solution: Black Sand Body Scrub utilizes sand derived from cooled lava to gently exfoliate dull skin. Available as part of Sea Moss Spa Trio. ($25, Ulta), Moss Spa Trio. ($25, Ulta)

The problem: Predictable scent

The solution: For the final step of your morning routine, spray a little of Z Zegna’s Eau de Toilette for a woody scent with notes of white pepper, bergamot and rosemary. ($62, Nordstrom)


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