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From the Editor

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By Deborah Hamilton-Lynne

When looking at the lineup for the fall issue of ATX Man,one word kept swirling around in my head: ANTICIPATION.

Other words—energy, excitement, election— all came to the dance, but anticipation won out. If you live in Austin and you are not looking forward to fall 2012 with great anticipation, there is something seriously wrong with you. Yes, I know there are some among us who like to point out that the traffic is sometimes impossible to navigate, but hey, it’s a tradeoff for the wonders we get to behold.

“Anticipation,” as defined by Wikipedia, is “an emotion involving pleasure, excitement, enthusiasm and sometimes anxiety in considering some expected or longed-for good event.” Talking with Brian Jones about the upcoming football season and the outlook for the Longhorns ushers in all of the excitement of another year on the gridiron. We introduce you to the best trailer food for tailgaiting, anticipating that you might not want to do the cooking yourself. In this issue, we also provide the men (and women) of Austin with the definitive guide to enjoying a beverage eagerly anticipated on those football weekends: beer!

Fall also brings festival season, celebrities, musicians, filmmakers, politicians and policymakers, authors and chefs, as well as thousands of visitors who wish they were lucky enough to live in our great city. With the ACL Music Festival, the Austin Film Festival, the Texas Book Festival and the Texas Tribune Festival taking place in the fall, my calendar is a blur with all of the panels, concerts and events I want to attend. Speaking of calendars, fall also brings the kickoff of the ATX social season, with two notable events taking center stage: the much anticipated grand opening weekend of the Mort and Bobbi Topfer Theatre at ZACH Theatre, and the expanded Andy Roddick Foundation gala featuring John Legend.

Anticipation is an essential feature of human action. By anticipating a goal then taking action, it becomes reality. Such was the case when Austin was chosen as the site where, for the first time in the U.S., a facility would be constructed from the ground up specifically for Formula 1. By far one of the most eagerly anticipated events of the fall, the inaugural Formula 1 race will bring ATX up close and personal on an international stage as the jet set lands and takes over the city with glittering parties, dashing drivers and the thrill of watching the fastest cars on earth zoom by at a dizzying pace. Speeds can exceed 300 miles per hour, and every F1 car on the grid is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 miles per hour and back to 0 in less than five seconds. We’ve got the scoop on this most exciting sporting event and some of the Austin men who helped to make it happen.

Finally, anticipation is also the emotion you feel when you consider a longed-for good event. For some time now, I have been longing to tell the story of Andy Roddick and of the good outcomes he is anticipating by building a permanent location for his foundation in Austin, as well as making Austin his home. As I write this letter, I am cheering him on at the 2012 Olympics, but am even more proud that he allowed ATX Man to tell the story of his dreams off the tennis court. My enthusiasm for him as an athlete and a man who is paying his good fortune forward is unbounded.

So when you are anticipating the anxiety you may experience from the inevitable traffic that will come with the whirlwind of fall events, take time to experience the other emotions associated with anticipation—pleasure, excitement and enthusiasm. Let us know what you are looking forward to.


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