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Award-Winning Workouts

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Workouts made easy with no equipment required.

By Ryan Nail, Photos by Rudy Arocha

pg68-workoutsWhen I entered the fitness world, I had two goals. The first one was to change lives and the second was to change the way fitness is done forever. I believe I have achieved this on a local level, but my overall goal was to do this internationally. As I strive for these goals, I have spent the last two years of my life focusing on creating a special universal program that could benefit everyone, no matter where you are in your fitness journey, and that could be done in your home or as you travel.

I took 10 of the best workouts that I have won awards for here in Austin and put them together to create a special at -home training program. I then took it a step further and cut them down in to three distinct workout sessions with an additional bonus workout. Even better, I made this program one that uses no equipment; all you need is yourself and the will to work out! The testimonials we had from our test group were amazing, and I am proud to finally introduce to you CorefitX, the next level of Corefit Training.

CorefitX is an at -home fitness program with three one-hour workouts plus a bonus  workout. That’s right, you don’t need 30 D VDs to get in shape. You only need three. It includes a nutrition plan and some fun extras to help you find success in y our fitness journey. Within CorefitX, I have created a unique method called Integrated Core Intensity (ICI), which was formulated to give you immediate results. ICI is a special program design in which the exercises you do back to back complement each other, and the final exercise of each series implements the movements you just did, giving you immediate results.

pg68-workouts2I have also implemented a new way to do cardio at home or on the go. The first workout—one of the most fun workouts I have ever created—is Boxing and Bear Crawls. The second workout consists of continuous ICI and the third is called Rapid Results, which incorporates a chair to simulate an incline and decline, giving you rapid results. Finally, the last one is a free bonus workout called Sweat & Stretch that will keep your body loose and metabolism up, helping you lose weight and keep it off.

CorefitX was created for all fitness levels, from beginners to fitness pros. There are modifications and progressions for each movement, making CorefitX a living workout with which you can keep pushing yourself to the next level. You will be able to download this training program from the web so you can do the exercises on your portable device, or you will have the option to purchase DVDs. Get ready for dynamic results and to have fun while doing it. For more information and to pre-purchase the workout, visit


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