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The Reynolds Number

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The Austin indie-rock band delivers at The Belmont.

By Katie Paschall

Luring people off the corner of Sixth and Lavaca streets and into The Belmont is not the only thing The Reynolds Number can do with their matchless sound. This Austin-native, piano-driven indie-rock band created an energetic blend of well-crafted descant lines, groove-constructed tempos, skillful harmonies and unparalleled textures at their Oct. 25 show at The Belmont.

The Reynolds Number recently finished the Texas Music Live tour with Alpha Rev and Quiet Company, a tour that included many cities in Texas, from Dallas and Austin to Houston and Waco. Their Austin performance had so much publicity out of most of their tour cities; it was ranked the No. 1 show on the day of their showcase. The Belmont stage glowed tones of light and dark purple on the night of their performance, and the house was full of energetic listeners eager to hear The Reynolds Number’s new self-titled album, The Reynolds Number, released Sept. 17.

It is undeniable that The Reynolds Number is familiar with harnessing the power of harmony and creating a blended sound in their original songs such as {Awake} and {Follow You}, as well as their covered pieces within the set. These songs, already on their way to college radio programmers, carry a blend of thematic elements throughout the nine tracks on the album. According to Do512, “the bottom line is that The Reynolds Number shows an overwhelming amount of promise and maturity” on their new self-titled record, and “are more than capable of establishing themselves as a force in this ever-evolving music scene.” Our thoughts? We could not agree more.

If the band hadn’t already made a positive impression amongst Austinites, it was definitely clear who owned the crowd on the night of their show. The lead singer, Om Shankar, has a powerful, rich voice that incomparably fuses with the guitarists’ inspirational riffs. Their upbeat music exudes positivity with uplifting melody hooks and each band member conveys a wealth of skillful talent in their own individual ways.

The band’s name refers to a concept in the study of fluid dynamics, which is used to help predict similar flow patterns in different fluid flow situations in the study of engineering. With a few band members as University of Texas math, physics and engineering graduates, the group wants to focus their band on a collective bond—both scientifically and spiritually.



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