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1 CD

by Bryan Beck

Bob Schneider

A Perfect Day

“Bob says he wanted every song on this new record to be enjoyed on a perfect day on the lake.”


1 Book

By Clay Smith

Skippy Dies by Paul Murray

Irish writer Paul Murray’s Skippy Dies (Faber & Faber, $28) takes place at dreary Seabrook College, an all-boys Catholic prep school in Dublin – dreary, that is, until Skippy Juster dies during (but not exactly because he’s a part of) a doughnut-eating contest. Murray then circles back to the particulars of Skippy’s funny, beleaguered and inspired life, with its dramatic first love and epic nerd vs. thug battle. Murray memorably and hilariously evokes life at the age of 14 – not an easy task, given that for so many of us, returning to the age of 14 is akin to drinking castor oil.
(see Clay’s other recommendations for summer reading at
Two other books: Chernow, Washington: A Life (Penguin Press, $40)
Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention (Viking, $30)



Editors Pick

Entourage: The Complete 7th Season
Release date: June 7, 2011

Vince and his buddies barrel through another hair-raising season. If you missed it, look for thrill seeking sky dives, pill popping, stunt – driving car crashes and a new relationship with a porn star. Adult rated, fantasy buddy fare set in LA. Catch up on the 7th season before the gang hits the big screen – due out in 2012 – Entourage, the movie.


1 Concert

By Bryan Beck

Adele • June 12
Stubb’s Waller Creek Ampitheater

“Adele’s 21 is brilliant, a touchstone for her career.
She’ll be around for a long time.”


1 Film

By Tim League

Super 8
Release date: June 10, 2011

When the full trailer dropped in, I was blown away. We’ll see a STAND BY ME style coming of age story smashed together with an alien invasion action movie. The trailer gave me goosebumps and that’s a great sign!



1 Gadget Pick

By John McIntosh

iPad 2

Technology in 2011 is all about tablets. I was skeptical at first … but then I got my hands on an iPad. If you’re still on the fence, here’s why I’m sold: I find that its functionality and portability are an unmatched combination. I can quickly review slides before an important meeting, then pass it to a potential client to showcase my interactive portfolio. The iPad creates an immersive experience where the tech specs fade away, allowing you to focus on your work (or play).


1 Website

By John McIntosh


If you’ve enjoyed letting Pandora introduce you to your new favorite music, you’ll immediately appreciate StumbleUpon’s ability to find and recommend new websites that you’ll find interesting. After creating a free account select the topics you enjoy from sports, technology, investment, or humor–to name a few. Each time it suggests a new site, you can give it a thumbs up or down, and future recommendations will be further tailored to your interests. Happy Stumbling!


1 App

By John McIntosh


Twitter co-founder, Jack Dorsey, brings credit card payments to your phone with his newest creation, Square. After creating a free account, you’ll receive your own Square in the mail. Simply plug the card reader into your Android or iOS powered phone and use their app to start taking payments. With a fee of 2.75% per transaction, Square is a perfect solution for both small businesses and repaying friends. Find out more at


1 Art Event

By Alex Alford

Austin Chamber Music Festival
July 8-23, 2011

Bates Recital Hall, Mexican American Cultural Center,
First Unitarian Universalist Church




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