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The One

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Compiled by Molly McManus

APP: ReQall

ReQall is not your average reminder app. Not only does it let you create lists (grocery shopping, tasks, etc.), it also helps you recall various store and restaurant locations and can even transcribe a phone conversation in to text for later reference. In addition, by syncing the ReQall app with your phone contacts, you can now send simple reminders to those friends, family members and colleagues in your life that may need a gentle nudge or reminder to complete certain tasks. Download available on iTunes. More information at

CD: Ghosts in the Attic, ReeD TuRneR

Released Feb. 5, Ghosts in the Attic captures Reed Turner’s folk-rock/Americana style. For his album, Turner collaborated with fiddler Phoebe Hunt and bassist Pat Harris, packing in compelling instrumentals with captivatingly soulful lyrics from the singer-songwriter. A true storyteller, Turner uses words that are relevant and wise, steeped in perceptive intelligence. From Room for Doubt, which expresses the conflict between ambition and patience, to Killed that Girl (’Cause She Was Killin’ Me), which tells a murder tale with a rockabilly beat, Ghosts in the Attic will please listeners with its creative diversity and hardhitting sound. Available for purchase at, Waterloo Records, iTunes, Amazon and TuneCore.

gaDgeT: symBOl auDiO’s mODeRn ReCORD COnsOle

Everybody loves vinyl. And with CDs on their way to extinction, vinyl is making a comeback in a major way. Now, fuse the love for vinyl with the fact that almost all new music is bought online, and you wind up with the Symbol Audio Modern Record Console. Symbol Audio has made a beautiful home stereo, which gives you the best of both the past and present, with a turntable and tube amplifier, as well as Wi-Fi for streaming digital tunes. It’s pricey, but with a timeless look, you’ll be set on the homestereo front until they bury you with all your old Stones records. $1,800, available at

BOOk: trAvelinG At the speed of liGht,By DaviD sylvesTeR

Traveling at the Speed of Light chronicles recent Austin transplant David Sylvester’s bike rides across one continent to the next. From San Diego to New York, Cairo to Capetown, and Istanbul to Beijing, Sylvester sets out on a life exploration after losing a friend who was killed in the World Trade Center on 9/11. His book contains inspirational messages, stories from the many people he met throughout the world, all circling back to the theme of “finding your bike,” in other words, your passion. See Sylvester in person as he speaks about and shares photos from his adventures at the downtown Austin REI March 18 at 6:30 p.m., or at the REI Round Rock location March 26 at 6:30 p.m. Traveling at the Speed of Light is available at

WeBsiTe: 20Jeans.Com

Pop some tags with This easy, simple and inexpensive website has created a new era of men’s fashion with a one-stop shop for the latest styles in men’s denim and tops, with everything available for only $20. Yes, you read right, $20 for EVERYTHING. Jeans, dress shirts, flannels, casual Ts, outerwear—you name it, they’ve got it. Check out the threads and how they are re-inventing the way men shop.


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