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Spanish Gold

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The all-star music cast lives up to its hype during a studio performance with On-Airstreaming.

Photos and text by Sylvia Kim

SpanishGoldAlbumLast Friday on Guadalupe Street, a stage expected to hold the rising star band Spanish Gold was usurped by a silver metal trailer. Additionally, graffiti glimmered on the white walls, an American flag stood painted on a wooden door, faux grass lined the floor and free Depp Eddy cocktails were securely placed in each person’s hand as eager listeners transformed an empty studio into an amusing summer camping site indoors. All that was left needing to complete the scene was some great music.

On-Airstreaming, a live music series that showcases new bands worthy of attention, made the right choice of putting its faith in Spanish Gold to perform. Usually for live online viewing and listening purposes only, Austinites found a rare treat, as On-Airstreaming welcomed audiences to join them in a live show and recording of Spanish Gold’s newest songs off their debut album, South of Nowhere, released May 27.

You may have seen them on David Letterman or in Rolling Stone magazine, as Spanish Gold is the up-and-coming band of today. Their self-described musical style originates from childhoods spent listening to old-school rap and hip-hop meshed with their present day “palette of rock ’n’ roll.” Spanish Gold has melting vibes of rock, soul and throwback R&B and pop, which can please even the most genre-biased ears.

This amalgam of style beneath the presence of rock was found evident in the two songs they showcased: Day Drinkin and One Track Mind. The tracks were performed acoustically inside the trailer as if just a few friends were jamming together in an R.V. going to some unknown destination.

SpanishGoldWhile some of the audience tried to strain their necks as much as possible to see through the vessel of an open door, others sat cross-legged and comfortably staring at the drop-down screen outside the trailer, which displayed its inner music making. Either way, the entire audience swayed back and forth like a summer breeze until the ending clap marker and reflexive round of applause peppered with cheers. With their authentic yet catchy music, Spanish Gold did not disappoint.

Natives to Laredo, Spanish Gold is made up of lead singer and guitarist Dante Schwebel (Hacienda), drummer Patrick Hallahan (My Morning Jacket) and guitarist Adrian Quesada (Grupo Fantasma): three bearded men who look as if they can fit in yet stand out anywhere. After their lively performance, two of the band members sat down for a short Q&A with JB Hager (our hilarious monthly columnist). When asked where Schwebel was, they said he had to rest his voice since this was their fourth performance that day. Seems like a good choice for the hardworking band.

Surprisingly, the band Spanish Gold wasn’t even planned; it just happened. With no expectations of producing an album or becoming a band, the three members—who each had their own band or project at the time—produced the first half of their record within just three days.

As they say, you can’t predict chemistry. And although it was not predicted, it was surely achieved. Spanish Gold not only has chemistry between each other with swift and mellow rhythms, but also with hypnotized audiences everywhere. Spanish Gold may very well be the next big thing.


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