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Siren Songs

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Austin’s Sultry
Singer Songwriters

photography by Kathy Bell Hargrave


Sahara Smith @ Old Settlers’ Music Festival

“Texas singer-songwriter Sahara Smith creates Cinemascope-like, wide-screen portraits of romantic passion, loneliness and unrequited love in her richly impressive, intensely soulful debut album.”
– Randy Lewis, LA Times


Sarah Sharp @ at the Highball

Sarah Sharp truly sings siren songs.  From the first phrase, her voice lures you into the songs and you don’t want them to end.

Sight unseen this is a woman you want to know – when she sings about a lovers’ reunion, you want to be with her on a beach in Rio.

Seductively cool.


Suzanna Choffel @ Old Settlers’ Music Festival

“‘Steady eye shaky bow’ really describes me and the way I live. I’ve always had very strong, defined visions of what I want my life to be and what I want to do, but the way I get there and go after them is roundabout and meandering, a bit shaky.”
– Suzanna Choffel




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