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Finding love while traveling for business.

By Eric Leech

65-roadmanceYou’ve been traveling for hours. When you finally get off the plane, you find a good place to eat, and head back to your hotel to get some rest. However, you’re actually not all that tired. You’d like to go out and do something fun, but sitting alone in a bar lounge doesn’t usually work out as well as it does for guys like George Clooney or Ryan Reynolds. How can a man like you mix his business with a little pleasure?

Love at First Flight

If you research meeting women while traveling for business, you’re going to run into the Wingman App and The Wingman is still preparing for launch, however, once it’s on the market, it will allow passengers to invite each other to join the mile-high club in a laboratory nearest them. However, the title of this piece isn’t referring to three minutes of love, so let’s try something a little more long-term. claims to be the No. 1 travel and companion site. Unfortunately, one person will always get stuck with two airfares, which seems a little one-sided, if you ask me. A lot of businessmen don’t want to feel like a sugar daddy, and would prefer meeting a woman on neutral ground. mobile allows you to take your dating profile with you wherever you go, and reach out to new people once you get there. If you think about the odds of meeting someone in your hometown versus an international airport, you might prefer your odds at the airport. connects travelers throughout the world with similar flight schedules and interests, and then allows you to take it from there. gives you the option to connect with other people on your upcoming flight. Unfortunately for me, during a recent trip to Las Vegas, I was only given one possible connection. Raj was not all that enticing, which made me wonder: Is technology really the best way to find love at “the airport?

Old School

In the old days, a business traveler could meet someone just by being open to the experience. But how can you go from getting a woman’s attention to closing a date within such a short window of time? The opening line to get a woman’s attention at the airport is easy, considering that the two of you already have something in common. One of the three most effective forms of attraction is commonality, which gives any man the strong opening line, “Where are you from/headed?” Just keep in mind that women are very guarded about their safety, so any questions should remain general and unspecific.

International romance expert Zan Perrion says a man does not have to act cool or unattached to attract a woman. In other words, own your passion because she will be flattered by your nervousness.

“Women everywhere have told me that they don’t mind if a guy is a little nervous,” Perrion says. “What they do mind is if a guy is acting indifferent or uncaring when clearly he is not.”

The most difficult part of meeting a woman at the airport is not always breaking the ice, but avoiding it from melting too soon. According to dating expert Kezia Noble, women prefer men who know what they want and have taken specific interest in her as a result of carefully considering her qualities.

“Women like to tick boxes,” Noble says. “Otherwise, you will come across like a man who will have whatever he can get.”

This means that once you have a woman’s attention, you need to express your urgency for reaching out to her. If you pay attention to her travel style, you should find plenty of flattering topics to hold her interest. And don’t worry, if your date turns out to be a flop, you’ve got the best excuse in the world: “I’ve got an early flight in the morning.”


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