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Music Head Hysteria

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RJD2 comes to The Belmont.

Story By Molly McManus

If electro-shock therapy was a good thing, The Belmont was blessed with a dose of treatment by the mastermind behind all things electronic. Thursday, July 12th found The Belmont in a state of buzzing as bodies bumped and krumped to the sounds of one of the most well-known DJs around, RJD2.

You may know this exceptional mash-up artist for his theme song, A Beautiful Mine, used on AMC’s Mad Men, or perhaps for his exposure in media outlets and advertisements with his singles The Horror and Ghostwriter.

RJD2’s set was a fulfilling hour and a half, and he played crowd favorites, teasing his listeners by carefully building the beat and melody of each song until it fully unloaded on anticipating ears. His fingers moved like lightening across his board, meticulously expanding and contracting with each pulsation. There wasn’t a stagnant body in sight, save for a few parents who probably came to chaperone their 16-year-olds in attendance.

With the newly remodeled and reconceptualized Belmont, the admittance of 16 and up was a little surprising, however it didn’t detract from the vivacious vibe of the venue. With very few places throughout town that cater to a younger demographic, this inclusion is important and, honestly, wasn’t very noticeable. RJD2 was so entrancing, it would have been hard to notice if Justin Bieber himself was dancing alongside the other audience members.

The Belmont’s new look is breathtaking. The beautiful floor designs, the VIP feel of the upstairs lounge, the artwork (like the black-and-white murals of major acts performing on The Belmont’s outdoor stage, such as Ghostland Observatory) all contribute to The Belmont’s appeal. It’s not just your ordinary venue; it’s an experience.

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