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Meredith Davis

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Photo by Alice Rabbit.


Hollywood central casting would have a good laugh if Meredith Davis showed up to audition for a “nerd” role. But the young entrepreneur and brains behind Austin Beauty Guide ( makes a respectable case for her Poindexter bona fides, which have gotten a boost with last year’s founding of her online referral and review site for Austin’s beauty industry.

“I’m actually a total technology nerd and the site merged the two passions of mine, which are technology and the fashion world,” Davis says, blond hair falling just past her shoulders on a miserably hot Austin afternoon. “I enrolled myself in the web-master program at ACC to learn coding skills and all that web-nerd stuff to run the site.”

The judges are still waiting on whether to award Davis, 29, a designer-issue pocket protector, but in the meantime, she’s full steam ahead, making a success of what she plans to be the first of many businesses.

“The business I’m in has a social element, and that’s where I meet a lot of my clients. Meeting people and dating, though, is hard because being in business is a 24/7 thing, especially a web business. It’s hard for me to find a balance because I either want to focus everything on the business or be totally in girlfriend mode.”

“I really like Clive because it has this cool feel and is darker and sexier, kind of sophisticated in a country way. East Side Show Room is cool because I like that whole jazz vibe that’s dark and sexy. I’m still a huge fan of J. Black’s, even though I get the feeling people don’t like it a whole lot anymore. Again, I like anything that’s dark and sexy.”

ON HOW NOT TO APPROACH A PRETTY WOMAN “When guys meet me, they don’t think I have anything going on up here in my head other than blond hair, but if they find out I have my own business, they’re either impressed or intimidated. If they’re intimidated, they might get facetious with me because they still don’t see me as a strong, intelligent woman. Appreciate a woman for everything she is—the total package—not just a first glance.”




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