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Love is in the Air

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Twenty old-fashioned dating habits men need to bring back.

By Eric Leech

66-relThe term “old-fashioned” is most often used to describe a man’s lifestyle that is outdated, tedious, uncool or unnecessary. However, I would say when it comes to dating habits, the term should stand for confidence, manners, tradition and respect. These are the 20 dating habits that have been known to separate the gentlemen from the boys.

1. Ask for a Date. Hooking up or getting together sounds so casual and aloof. If you want to spend some quality time with a special woman, go ahead and put yourself out on a limb and call it a date.

2. Be on Time. Men like to be relaxed and laid-back, but most women still regard being on time as a sign of respect and enthusiasm.

3. Dress Your Best. You should never try to pose as someone you’re not. However, you should be the best possible version of yourself, which means dress in your own style, but put a little extra effort to show the event matters to you.

4. Pick Her Up at the Door. I hear horns honking outside my window every Friday night as modern boys pick up their women for an evening on the town. But that is no way to show a lady she’s special.

5. Walk Her Back Afterward. She may say you don’t have to, and if the date didn’t go well, she may really mean it. However, as long as you don’t expect anything more than a goodbye, there is nothing wrong with ending a date how you started it—like a gentleman.

6. Put Away the Cell Phone. Cell phones are not considered old-fashioned as of yet, so rather than bring them back, let’s just put them away, shall we.

7. Don’t Play Games. Let a woman know where she stands. If you’re not ready to commit, just say so.

8. Double Date. Research suggests that we feel closest to a partner when we have the opportunity to watch them interact with the friends we care most about.

9. Hold Hands. Touching your partner brings a sense of closeness that no other form of communication can do, including texting, chatting or Facebook poking.

10. Take it Slow. All men like getting to the good stuff, but there are lots of good reasons to take a new relationship slow, such as the simple pleasures of anticipation.

11. Keep the Topics Light. The world may be a complex place. However, the most enjoyable topics are still light, simple and entertaining.

12. Apologize When Appropriate. Some men admit they’re sorry too often, while others consider it a weakness. The word “sorry” should be reserved (and used) when you legitimately hurt a woman’s feelings (and know it).

13. Drink Socially But Not to Become More Social. Excessive alcohol rarely brings out the best in a man. When you are on a first date, put your best (and most sober) foot forward.

14. Be Romantic. The bad boy may sometimes win, and the nice, sensitive guy may sometimes lose, but the mysterious and romantic gentleman has the best of both worlds.

15. Tell Her She’s Beautiful. Claiming to be a pirate because she shivers your timbers is a humorous pickup line. But overall, she’d rather you be sincere when you compliment her.

16. Sacrifice to Bring Your Date Comfort. I think men are a bit leery of kindness today, including giving up your seat on the train or walking on the street side of the sidewalk to protect a lady from a car splash. However, when on a first date, these are the kind of actions that will set you apart from the crowd.

17. Date One Woman at a Time. You never want to limit yourself to a small school of fish in the sea. However, I don’t think you give yourself much of an advantage by dating a plenitude of women at once.

18. Be Curious About Your Date. A man often exerts so much energy to prove his worth to a woman, he forgets the compliment he pays her just by being genuinely interested in who she is.

19. Meet the Parents. First impressions are not always great, but they can be a heck of a lot better than the thoughts that go on in a parent’s mind when someone appears to be avoiding them.

20. Call the Next Day to Say Thank You. Men rack their brains wondering how a date went, and then worry about appearing too available if they call too soon. It’s OK to want to remain a little mysterious, but it is just good manners to call a woman the next day to say thank you.


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