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More Homegrown Tech

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These apps and tech were created by Austinites to help your business prosper.

By Megan Russell

The Tech

For Your Business or Home: Maclocks

Space 360-iPad and iPad Mini Enclosure

This sleek, tilting stand instantly upgrades your everyday tablet from every angle. The Maclocks kiosk offers a full-tilt screen for ideal display, seamlessly rotating between both landscape and portrait orientation modes. A wiring pass-through cutout keeps the look clean and free of tangles.

The iPad kiosk has a stable, solid steel base to prevent tip-overs at any screen angle. Don’t worry about your Apple products outgrowing the Space 360 before you do; this iPad enclosure is compatible with second, third or fourth generation models, as well as the new iPad Air.

Whether your needs are for home or for business, this kiosk will fit your needs and definitely turn heads. Space 360 is $159.95 and available at Shipping is free in the U.S. Use code “JK10P” for an additional 10 percent off.

Universal Tablet Security Holder with Universal Tablet Lock

For a more minimalist approach, Maclocks offers the Universal Tablet Security Stand. Its compatibility with all tablets (of 7 inches or more) makes it the ideal fit for any display setting, whether it’s a retail store, corporate office, classroom, VIP lounge or even as an addition to your personal home-entertainment system.

The streamlined design still has its unique features that distinguish it from the cluttered pack of tablet stands on the market. Positioned at a 45-degree angle for optimal viewing with an open back design to fit the locking point and security cable, the stand has a patented balance stabilizer that serves as a cable trap to keep your cords in order and from being stolen.

Constructed of high-grade aluminum with a sleek black or crisp white finish that complements your device’s design and style, this tablet holder is lightweight but still extremely durable. The Universal Tablet Security Holder with Universal Tablet Lock is $59.95 and available at Shipping is free in the U.S. Use code “JK10P” for an additional 10 percent off.

The Apps

For the Doctor: Patient IO

Patient Engagement Platform

Patient Engagement Platform (Patient IO) is an app that brings patient care in to the 21st century. By bringing your paper-based education materials in to the digital age, these materials are now always within reach in your patient’s pocket and readily shareable for family and caregivers. This smartphone app delivers patient treatment tasks, reminders and education directly to your patient’s phone.  With a full-featured management portal, Patient IO makes creation and management of your patient’s care plan simple.

Created by Filament Labs, the app is available for iPhone and free for patient download.

Otter App Ratings Visualizer

Created by Mutual Mobile, the Otter App Ratings Visualizer helps companies analyze their iOS apps, with Android being released shortly. When you type your company’s name in the search bar, bubbles pop up containing words found in the reviews and ratings of apps. Positive words show in green, negative in red. Words used more often are in larger bubbles and conversely, words used less often are in smaller ones. The image shown below is an example of Twitter’s iOS.

Mutual Mobile creates software designed to amp up the user experience, which is what the Otter tool aims at doing. It strives to give brands a way to provide an exceptional user experience to their consumers. Brands, agencies and entrepreneurs will find the tool useful for the user, competitive and market insights it provides.

The Otter App Ratings Visualizer is an online application available to use at


The original idea for Keyminder came from app ideator Stewart Nelson of Nevada City, Calif. Stewart aimed to solve his key organization problem by hiring Rocksauce Studios in Austin to create a simple solution for individuals and businesses that have a very unique problem: keeping track of an overabundance of keys. Together, they created an app that solves that need.

Keyminder features include a secure login, adding key and lock photos that can be assigned to a geo-location and various categories, and keeping notes in your key information to remember padlock combinations or unique characteristics of your keys. The app also offers the ability to clear data, password protect or reset your password and the functionality to e-mail key and lock photos to family members, friends, employees or service providers.

“We saw Keyminder as an opportunity to solve a problem for Realtors, janitors, security officers and any other industry that needs to keep track of keys,” says Michael Robin, marketing director of Rocksauce Studios.

Keyminder is 99 cents and available for iPhone.


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