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Guilty Pleasures

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Enjoy a Good Cigar

the best tobacco sellers north of Havana

by Meg Haley

Bobalu Cigar Co. 509 E. Sixth St. 512.469.5877
Get the unique Bobalu experience. These tobacco experts are located conveniently on Sixth Street near Trinity. Drop in after work; they’re open every evening. Come and watch them roll a cigar personally crafted for your tastes. They specialize in complimentary custom cigar bands, perfect for weddings, birth announcements or corporate events. There’s nothing overpriced or stale at Bobalu Cigar Co., only a huge stock of great-tasting cigars made using the most exotic tobaccos. They offer the largest selection of shapes, sizes and blends available north of Havana.


Get a bundle of 20 Bobalu Green Labels for $56 and have enough to give away at the office. Or spend $4.95 on a few singles for the golf course. While easy on the wallet, these are wonderful cigars. They have nice, long, fill-aged Nicaraguan and Dominican tobacco with an Indonesian Java wrapper.


Join the crowd of enthusiastic followers and try the Bobalu Brown Label Robusto. Celebrate with friends and family with a bundle of 25 for $94. These well-liked cigars feature aged Dominican tobacco inside an Ecuadorian maduro wrapper finished with a surprising sugar tip, and are just $6.50 a piece. They are the best mistake the rollers at Bobalu ever made!


You can’t go wrong with Bobalu Vintage 1991 Torpedoes. A box of 25 runs $180, and will look great on your desk. Spend $12 each for a handful of cigars to get you through a weekend over the grill. These classy smokes are filled with vintage, aged Dominican, finished off with a 10-year-old, Ecuador Sumatran wrapper.

Halcyon • 218 W. Fourth St. • 512.472.9637
If you’re looking for a specific smoke, Halcyon’s got you covered. Take a colleague in for the impressive Ashton Double Magnum. At $18 a pop, it’s sweet, smooth and easy to smoke. Got a real aficionado on your hands? Impress them with the Ashton’s Monarch. The dark, rich color smokes a bit longer than its counterpart and is easily worth the $16 price tag.

Heroes & Legacies • 10000 Research. Blvd. Ste. 214 • 512.343.6600
Heroes and Legacies has it all: a convenient location in the Arboretum, knowledgeable staff, and a huge selection to enjoy in their private smoking rooms. Their large space features two humidors; one for the casual smoker to grab a few Macanudos, and the Connoisseur’s Collection where a real heavy hitter can find pre-embargo Cubans.


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