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From the Editor

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By Deborah Hamilton-Lynne, Photo by Destry Jaimes

Heart and Soul. It is a classic, catchy piano duet that from the first three notes almost everyone recognizes. What most people don’t realize is that beyond the familiar melody, Heart and Soul has lyrics: “Heart and soul. I fell in love with you heart and soul. The way a fool would do. Madly.”

Heart and soul. That is how I fell for Austin and why I fell for Austin. I have never been in a place that has more of both— heart and soul—and I was hooked from the first time I set foot on what has now become to me hallowed ground. Fall is the time when Austin preens its feathers like a proud peacock and shows off its heart and soul. The festival season begins in full force. Austin City Limits Music Festival, Austin Film Festival, the Texas Tribune Festival, the Texas Book Festival and many more bring the best and brightest musicians, filmmakers, politicos and writers to Austin, and we soak up all they have to offer like a thirsty sponge.

In this issue, we suggest how to get the most from the festival season, including the can’t-miss events, films and panels. Nothing thrills my heart more than a crisp fall day gathering with friends for a tailgate just before the Longhorns take the field. Bison aficionados John Russell and Corey Harris created a healthy tailgate menu exclusively for ATX Man that will appeal to all red-meat-loving fans, and Brian Jones shares his preview of the upcoming college football season. We spotlight classic grills and the latest grilling cookbooks. Deep in the heart of Austin lays a classic beer garten. After 147 years, Scholz holds the title of the oldest continually operating business in Austin, and to partake of an afternoon during football season there is an experience you will not soon forget. Anthony French weighs in on F1 and the sophomore year of an event that looks to become an Austin classic.

The soul of Austin lays in its creative spirit and no ATX man better exemplifies the heart and soul of Austin than Peter Bay. He’s been the iconic conductor of the Austin Symphony Orchestra for the past 15 years, and there is nothing stuffy about this maestro. Bay is much like the city he holds dear: expansive and curious with a wide range of interests and eclectic taste. He reaches out and embraces everything the city has to offer. While Bay loves the classics, he is the ultimate collaborator, always ready for innovative and unusual ways to get us hooked on his love of music. Top it off with a humble soul, heart of gold and a wicked sense of humor, and you will find that the story behind the man who commands the ASO with the wave of a baton will entertain and amuse you.

Austinites are always fascinated by the soul of creators. Some of the finest creative minds call Austin home, and their work gives us bragging rights to be known as the most creative city in the U.S. Andy East paints a stunning portrait of three such creators, each acclaimed and accomplished: writer Stephen Harrigan, composer Graham Reynolds and choreographer Stephen Mills. We are also a city of creative entrepreneurs with shining stars such as the Seiders brothers, creators of YETI coolers; and Keith Wahrer of Daily Juice, Rhythm Superfoods and his latest endeavor, Karmakaze Productions.

Speaking of creators, the Sirens of ACL—beautiful singer-songwriters all—include Holly Williams, heir to the classic Hank Williams country music legacy. With lyrics drawn from their souls, their songs will surely touch your heart.

Longhorn Sports Network broadcaster Kaylee Hartung will make your heart sing when she speaks her mind, and Roy Spence will tug at your heartstrings when he invites you to join him in supporting our veterans through Honor Flight. Creativity, the spirit of giving, a sense of community, living life to the fullest: These things are the heart and soul of Austin. Enjoy everything the city has to offer this fall, and I guarantee you will fall in love with Austin just like I did—madly, with all of your heart and soul.


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