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From the Editor

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One year ago, we began an adventure, an adventure with a mission. Our mission was to provide a forum for the men of Austin, to feature the most interesting men in town, to report about their businesses, their philanthropic endeavors and the things that were on their minds.

As a female editor in uncharted territory, I had no idea where the adventure would lead, but I am pleased to say that I have one word for the men of Austin: intriguing. By definition, that means you have aroused my curiosity or interest by unusual, new or otherwise fascinating qualities, as was the case with all of our cover men: Roy Spence, Brian Jones, Robert and Clint Strait, and Turk Pipkin.

Intriguing men have compelling qualities; look no further than our Austin Innovators and Men to Know: Josh Frank, Roger Hazard, Russ Apfel, Tim Neece and Freddy Fletcher, JB Hagar and Paul Boukadakis, Richard Sorenson and David Dart. Intriguing men also captivate and are appealing: the Austin spirit makers, men of the arts, father-son duos and founders of the RISE Conference. I have eagerly awaited the Last Word from Roy Spence and was thrilled when he suggested that 2012 be the first Year of the Giving Man.

In each issue, our columnists have intrigued me with their food alerts and with their advice on health, fitness, legal matters, finance and relationships. And the most intriguing thing is that we have barely scratched the surface! So, we begin our second year by renewing our commitment to excellence and to bringing you the best and the brightest this city has to offer. Although he swears that he is “the most boring man in Austin,” we begged to differ and were curious to learn what makes super politico and founder of The Texas Tribune, Evan Smith, tick. We were compelled to learn more about fellow communicators Kevin Benz of CultureMap and Colin Pope of the Austin Business Journal.

We were captivated and delighted by Mark Hamburger of the Round Rock Express, who agreed to do our first man-about-town style shoot. We were fascinated by James Beard Award winner and top chef Paul Qui. We wanted to know more about men who found satisfying careers in their second acts of life, and the best no-holds-barred golf holes in the world. When our Latin beauty, Michelle Valles, left Austin for the bright lights of LA, we had to know how the men of Austin stacked up.

It seems that Austin men and ATX Man have both “stacked up” very well. We are encouraged by the positive response and support we have received in one short year, and hope that we can continue to build upon your loyalty as readers.

In another sense of the word, intrigue speaks to one of m y favorite male icons: James Bond. Here’s looking at you for inspiration, 007, and hoping that the second year of ATX Man will be a more intriguing adventure than the last. So whether you like yours shaken or stirred, let us know how we can intrigue you. I am always looking for a great story.

Deborah Hamilton-Lynne