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From the Editor

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By Deborah Hamilton-Lynne

10_debSuccess unshared is failure.” – John Paul DeJoria

Once in a while, I am fortunate to meet an individual who is so comfortable in their own skin that you know they are the real deal, and that what you see is what you get. These people are magnetic because these people are givers. They are bursting with energy and love, and they want to share it with you. These people are the people who want to share their success in every way: with their time, their talents and their resources. These people want the best for the planet and everyone who inhabits it because they believe that it’s all part of the whole. Austin is fortunate to have several of these people, and John Paul DeJoria stands out among them.

Webster’s Dictionary defines philanthropy as “goodwill to fellow members of the human race, especially an active effort to promote human welfare.” By that definition and any other standard, DeJoria certainly fits the bill. He is a self-made billionaire who is turning his considerable fortune and talents toward that very goal, making an active effort in promoting human welfare through his Peace, Love and Happiness Foundation.

ATX Man was privileged to spend time with the man and to share his story with our readers. Not only did he graciously invite us into his home, but when we finished, he also was happy to share the latest addition to his Patrón collection, Roca Patrón, which is a true joy for all premium-tequila lovers. The twinkle in his eye as he poured and talked about the historic processing and aging of this product was all about the happiness he felt to be able to share his story and his success.

Working on this issue, I realized that we also embrace the idea of sharing success with our readers through the stories we bring you about Austin’s most interesting, innovative and influential men. Examples in this issue include the founders of Black Fret and BeatBox, and celebrated UT Coach Rick Barnes, as well as regular columnists Roy Spence and Ryan Nail.

We embrace sharing the peace, love and happiness formula by bringing readers relationship advice (old-fashioned dating habits), food for thought and consumption (embracing the paleo lifestyle, the truth about domestic violence, the consequences of drinking and driving in Austin), education from experts (the definitive guide to wine), the latest in stylish attire, buzz-worthy events and happenings, as well as gifts to give and get. (That Maserati would be high on my list and fits both the love and happiness categories.)

The day I left DeJoria’s house, I was feeling very happy, and it wasn’t just because of that tequila shot. When you are in the presence of someone who loves their life, loves their job, is proud of their products and what success has allowed them to do for others, and is happy to share that with you, there is nothing to do but allow that shared feeling of joy and happiness to become a part of your being.

That is my hope for ATX Man. I hope that you will also feel the pride and caring we feel as we put each issue together, and that you will feel the happiness and joy we feel as the individual pages, stories and images come together to complete each issue. In the spirit of the season, as we are filled with goodwill and cheer, we hope it spreads from the page to you, our readers.

According to DeJoria, “Long-term entrepreneurship is liking what you do, who you do it with and who you do it for.” If that is true, then ATX Man will be around for a long time. For now, as you flip through the pages, allow us to share our joy, goodwill and cheer. Best wishes for Peace, Love and Happiness this holiday season!

DeJoria photo by Andrew Chan. Deborah photo by Destry Jaimes.


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