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Five Must-Haves for the Winter Season

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By Katie Paschall

CD: The Reynolds Number

The Reynolds Number recently released their self-titled debut album, The Reynolds Number, for a new Texas label, Big Bend Records, on Sept. 17, kicking off the Texas Music Live tour. The Reynolds Number holds true to their sound with an energetic blend of well-crafted melody lines, groove-based rhythms, polished harmonies and ambient textures, as exhibited by leadoff tracks Awake and Follow You. These songs carry a blend of thematic elements throughout the nine tracks on the album. The album is digital and starts at $8.99, but the band encourages you to “Name your price.” Visit to download the album.

Gadget: BikeConsole Power Plus Rechargeable Mount

Bike2Power, a team of die-hard cycling enthusiasts dedicated to connecting the benefits of smartphone technology with bicycle riding, announces its newest bike accessory, the BikeConsole Power Plus Rechargeable Mount for Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4/4S. The Power Plus Mount provides a weatherproof and shock-protected all-in-one solution that recharges a user’s smartphone while riding. This tough, engineered plastic case is guaranteed to protect from falls and is meant to shield against rain, snow, dust and dirt. Whether you’re a cyclist dedicated to monitoring your ride or a road-biking adventurist, the BikeConsole Power Plus Mount will keep you connected at all times. Available at

Book: The Salt Lick Cookbook: A Story of Land, Family, and Love

The Salt Lick Cookbook by Scott Roberts and Jessica Dupuy is filled with delicious recipes and preparation techniques for the Salt Lick’s legendary barbecue meats and sides, as well as an abundance of alternative, traditional and contemporary, legendary Texas dishes. This lusciously illustrated cookbook tells the heartwarming family story behind one of Texas’ most beloved barbecue restaurants, started more than 130 years ago at Roberts’ great-grandparents’ house. This is not a book simply about barbecue; it’s about how barbecue came to be, a story of respect for the land, its history and the family that planted its roots and cultivated a welldeserved reputation. Order your copy at categories/cookbook/.

Web Tool: Jemstep

Jemstep is an online service dedicated to helping people take action to lock in more money for their retirement. Offering step-by-step programs ensuring customers a secure retirement, Jemstep, a privately owned, independent money-management firm headquartered in Los Altos, Calif., is led by a team of experts with experience in finance, management and technology innovation and development. Founded in 2008, Jemstep tracks more than $2 billion in assets for private clients. Jemstep’s goal is to help create a safe and easy retirement by granting access to investment guidance for everyone. January is the ideal time for anyone to monitor their financial well-being with Jemstep. Visit for more information.

Gadget: The Baller’s Bag

Transport technology, accessories and sports equipment all in one bag with The Baller’s Bag. With streamlined design, seemingly unlimited space and technology-friendly aspects, this bag is a musthave, especially for the winter b-ballers out there. The state-of-the-art bag comes from the designer of the No. 1 Swiss backpack and boasts a one-of-a-kind mini tote carrier to fit almost any sports ball on the go, as well as the ability to fit any shoe size and a 17-inch laptop or iPad. From office (or travel) by day, to the gym, field or court by night, this bag is convenient and practical for anyone. Available at


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