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Chained to Your Desk?

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Try a simple workout with a colleague at the office to stay in shape, clear your mind and increase productivity.

By Ryan Nail, Photos by Rudy Arocha

You’re at your desk, your eyes are burning from your computer screen, your back is achy from sitting all day and you’re dreaming of being anywhere except work. This is a great example of when it’s time to rejuvenate and catch your second wind. Most companies are fortunate to have wellness programs and trainers come to the workplace, train the employees and whip them into shape. But, for those that don’t have that benefit, the best way to get out of this funk is by doing a few key exercises at your office. I’m going to show you exactly what to do and how to do them—even with a partner.

Push-up Hand Slaps: This works your whole body and lets you focus on the core as you high-five your partner in a push-up position.

Leg Throws: The last exercise incorporates leg throw-downs and light punches. Violence is not a crime in this exercise! While you are standing and your partner is lying down, throw down your partner’s legs and as they go down, do some light punches on their abs before they get a chance to bring their legs back up. This will create rock-hard abs and, before you know it, you will be walking around with your chest out.

Partner Sit-ups: Next, do a sit-up as your partner holds a push-up position on your feet. This helps you with sit-ups while your partner gets a core exercise as he positively motivates you to finish!

Bridges and Dips: The third exercise is to do bridges while your partner does dips. This will help strengthen your lower back as your partner blasts their triceps.

Ryan Nail is the owner of CoreFit Training.



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