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Best of the Blogs: Taco Journalism

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Blog selected by editorial intern Tom Hushen

Taco JournalismDo you think your favorite taco place is the best one in the city? You may want to check and see what the guys at Taco Journalism have to say. This Austin-based blog has turned the simple snack into a passionate quest to find the perfect taco. Jarod Neece and Justin Bankston started the blog in April 2006, and the guys have combed the city in search of any new taco bar, restaurant or food trailer. In 2008, they added their friend Mando Rayo and now have a book out on breakfast tacos. Searching the city for tacos isn’t the only thing they do. The blog is regularly updated with interviews with taco experts and recipes. From time to time, the blog will also post videos on how to make some pretty fantastic tacos.

Photo by Dennis Burnett (of Rayo and Neece)


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