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Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer

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Things you didn’t learn from your seventh-grade P.E. coach.

By Ryan Nail, Photo by Rudy Arocha

You are going for three extra reps. You get one, you struggle through two, and for the last one, you dig deep and push hard. You’re sweating, you push—you almost have it. You have an inch to go before you rack the weight and you’re done. But before you know it, you are the guy stuck with the bar on your chest in the middle of a crowded gym full of macho men and stunning women. It is even more humbling when you have to tilt the bar to the side so the weight slides off the bar just to get the bar off your chest.

We’ve all been there, but this would have been a great opportunity to have a personal trainer. Many guys have the notion they learned everything they need to know about the gym and lifting weights from their seventh-grade P.E. coach, but the truth is there are probably a few things you don’t know. There are many benefits to having a personal trainer. Here are three.

The first benefit to having a personal trainer is they can design workouts to achieve your specific fitness goals. Whether it’s to build up your chest, build core or to get back in shape, an experienced trainer can get you there. In addition to achieving your goals, you should achieve this in a timely manner with a personal trainer, which is a huge perk. It’s like being able to rub a lamp and ask the fitness genie for anything you want.

The second benefit is that the personal trainer should create a unique program designed specifically for you to achieve your goals. Every trainer should captivate, stimulate and engage the client as you achieve your fitness goals, whether it’s unique supersets or mixing in cardio to your workout. The bottom line is when you are trained with a personal trainer, it will be unique and powerful enough that you will obtain your fitness goals fast and with safe results.

The third benefit is that you will learn specific and unique exercises that combine several muscle groups to save time and create efficiency with your workouts. Plus, you will be able to carry that knowledge with you for the rest of your life. One of the most important things is learning new exercises. This creates muscle stimulation so your body will never adapt to the same workout, creating great results within your body.

Make sure your trainer corrects your form, cares about you as a client and not his ego, and always slips in exercises to make your weaknesses your strengths, like lower-back exercises and rotator-cuff exercises for your shoulders. Working out is great, but a point in the right direction is priceless. Dig deep and get ready for a total-body change with a personal trainer in this new year.

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