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B’Austin comes to Austin!

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By: Joelle Pearson

AW Media was curious and excited <>  about how Samuel Adam’s crowd-sourced beer would taste. The brewery recently teamed up with social media expert Guy Kawasaki to poll fans and create a “crowd-sourced” dream beer before this year’s festival.

Samuel Adams called its new invention the “B’Austin Lager,” and released it to SXSW crowds at Stubbs during the annual Guy+Girl Party. The verdict? An absolutely delicious, perfectly satisfying, can’t-wait-till-I-see-it-on-tap beer. It’s a medium-bodied, slightly hoppy brew with a hint of spice and a nutty finish. I never though I’d agree with the masses more!

Keep your eyes peeled: Samuel Adams will be giving out their beer at various locations around town this week. After that, the B’Austin lager will be available in select pubs across central Texas.”


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